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Our mission is to protect your company from harm to personnel and damage to property through the design and implementation of comprehensive security policies.

Our expert team is able to: 

Conduct detailed security audits to assess your existing level of protection against a full range of risks that our client may be exposed to.

Propose realistic and cost-effective risk mitigation solutions and assist in their implementation.

Continuously monitor the situation and highlight areas of non-compliance with procedures or the emergence of new risks that require additional attention.

Our solutions are generally orientated towards three key objectives :​
  • To recommend appropriate measures to remedy areas of vulnerability to risk events, in particular:​
    • Specifications and quality requirements for frontier protection services and infrastructure (CCTV, security patrols, etc.)​
    • Procedures for managing risks (choice of a police contact, drafting of any official complaints, tracking enquiries, etc.)​
  • To ensure preventive risk analysis, foreseeing risks before they can become issues​
  • To raise awareness amongst your staff about security risks and how to respond to them – the appropriate responses for various risk scenarios. ​
In order to fulfil our mission, EMERASIA develops a master plan for each assessment prior to commencing operations.​

The plan details the precise measures to be taken in order to assess the client’s overall risk exposure based on our identification, classification and analysis of security risks. Our measures are focused on the specific risks our client may face and, to ensure a comprehensive assessment, they are implemented both day and night.​

These rigorous assessment measures enable us to recommend a series of appropriate risk mitigation solutions addressing the specific issues raised by the assessment and avoiding the generic catch-all solutions that generally prevail.​

Our assessment is comprised of four stages, using a methodology that meets European embassy standards
and is conformant with the relevant ISO standards - 27000, 9001, 15 489 and 27000 (ISO/CEI 27001, ISO/CEI 27004 and ISO/CEI 27006). ​
Our analysis of information gathered is based on the MEHARI risk management methodology.​
  1. Developing an understanding of the existing security measures;​
  2. Identification of security risks and classification according to occurrence probability;​
  3. Risk analysis;​
  4. Synthesis and recommendations.​
On site security audit:​
  • Collection of information from the site(s) - comprehensive review of physical and electronic protection around the periphery and perimeter as well as the interior of the site(s) and analysis of existing security procedures (documentation as well as observations);​
  • Identification of the sources of risks and hazards to your business;​
  • Photographic record of prevention measures and security procedures.
Permits us to undertake our analysis:​
  • Comparative vulnerability assessment / effectiveness of current level of protection (both human and technical means);​
  • Analysis of site maps / entry and exit points;​
  • Recommendations for risk mitigation.​
EMERASIA final report and recommendations, supported by detailed and precise information, are reported clearly to your management team and security personnel. Risks are classified according to probability occurrence and impact so as to assist in the prioritization of mitigation solutions.​

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